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Kawagoe Walk

Yukata women 2160 yen - men and children 3780 yen kimono, yukata rental empty-handed OK !! 

◆ Kawagoe walk, Kawagoe tourism for women 2000 yen - man, if you select the OK kimono at 3500 yen child - empty-handed, socks whether you bring your own, you will purchase 1 pair of 350 yen (including tax). 
◆ 300 or more sheets of kimono, yukata of shopkeeper Good 
◆ hair set 1000 yen to 2000 yen 
◆ Free of hair ornaments, offers of hair rubber hairpin. You can also hair set in the self. ※ congestion at the time, you are requested to Yuzuria' m (._.) M 
◆ you will receive even dressing of bringing kimono, yukata. Half-width band 3000 yen Obi Nagoya Obi 4000 yen lack of vanity (band or string, such as footwear) will be lent free of charge. 
◆ time outside, can accommodate, such as taking out. Please feel free to contact us. ※ display amount of money is all plus tax. Frequently Asked Questions ※ Please also read.